Consultation on Interim Housing Policy Statement, Statement of Community Involvement and elements of the emerging Joint Core Strategy CONSULTATION CLOSED

Consultation on Interim Housing Policy Statement, Statement of Community Involvement and elements of the emerging Joint Core Strategy


The review of the North Northamptonshire Joint Core Strategy (JCS) has been delayed until the Secretary of State has decided whether a major retail and leisure development should go ahead at Rushden Lakes. The public inquiry into this development has taken place and the Secretary of State has advised that he will make his decision by the 30th January 2014.


The Joint Planning Unit is working with the partner councils to ensure that the JCS and other local plans can be progressed as quickly as possible after the Secretary of State’s decision. To assist this, the Joint Committee has agreed to carry out further non-statutory consultation on the following elements of the emerging plan and its evidence base, which are not dependent on the Rushden Lakes decision:


1.   Consultation on Strategic Housing and Employment Sites  - this consultation document sets out development principles for strategic sites where these have not already been established through planning applications or site specific plans, and the broad location for a Sustainable Urban Extension to the East of Rushden. The rationale for this broad location is set out in the report to the July 25th JPC. It is supported by an updated Background Paper on Strategic Sites, explaining how potential sites have been assessed, including the consideration of new sites and information put forward in response to the emerging JCS consultation in August 2012.


2.  Urban Structure Study -  this looks at how the framework of streets and open spaces in the towns affects the way that people can move around to access local facilities and the countryside. It sets out design principles based on improving connectivity, which will need to be considered alongside other planning considerations on a site by site basis. As such, it provides an evidence base for policies and proposals in the JCS and site specific plans and will help in the consideration of individual development proposals. 


The biggest challenge caused by the delay in the JCS is that the housing requirements in the adopted Core Spatial Strategy (which arose from the, now revoked, Regional Plan) are out of date and cannot be delivered because of the recession. As an interim measure until the JCS can be finalised, the Joint Committee and partner Councils are consulting upon:


3.   An Interim Housing Policy Statement, which introduces up-to-date information on housing requirements and identifies the sites that will contribute to a supply of deliverable housing land over the next five years. This can’t replace the adopted CSS but should be a material consideration in considering how much housing land is required to meet objectively assessed housing requirements in line with the National Planning Policy Framework. The following link provides locational details of each site for ease of understanding.


Finally, to complete the package of consultation documents, the Joint Committee and partner Councils are seeking comments on:


4.   A revised Statement of Community Involvement (SCI) setting out how the Joint Committee and partner planning authorities will seek to engage people in plan-making and in considering specific development proposals. This is a document that all planning authorities are required to produce and the current SCI, dating from 2006, is out of date given recent changes to the planning system.


The consultation documents referred to above are available for inspection at libraries and council offices throughout North Northamptonshire.  Printed copies are available on request. Please note that due to print and postage costs there will be a charge of £10 for the Draft Strategic Sites Background Paper and Urban Structure Study and £5 for all other documents. Parish/Town Council can request limited copies free of charge.


Due to the summer holiday period the consultation will run to  5 p.m on Friday 11th October. This will enable us to analyse the responses and report back to the Joint Committee in November.  


Specific consultation questions are set out in each of the documents but it is unlikely that all consultees will want to respond to all documents or to all questions. Please therefore use the questions as a guide and focus on those issues that are of most interest to you or your organisation.


Please contact the JPU by e-mail or telephone 01832 742355 if you have any queries or wish to discuss any of the above further at this stage.


































































































































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