North Northamptonshire Joint Core Strategy- Consultation on Focused Changes to the Pre-Submission Plan June 2015 CONSULTATION CLOSED

North Northamptonshire Joint Core Strategy (JCS) consultation on Focused Changes to the Pre-Submission JCS June 2015

The North Northamptonshire Joint Planning Unit has published Focused Changes to the Pre-Submission JCS for a six week consultation.

These changes are set out in an Addendum of Focused Changes which provides the rationale for changes and in a version of the Pre-Submission JCS amended by the Focused Changes.

Why have Focused Changes being made to the Pre-Submission JCS

The JPU consulted on the Pre-Submission Plan between 26th January and 9th March 2015. Further information about the Pre-Submission consultation, including links to key technical studies can be viewed here.

The main issues arising from representations were considered by the North Northamptonshire Joint Committee on the 4th June 2015. The Joint Committee agreed a number of Focused Changes to address issues raised in representations, or to otherwise improve the JCS. An Update to the Statement of Consultation provides an overview of the consultation response to the Pre-Submission JCS and how this has informed the Focused Changes.

How to comment on the Focused Changes

At this stage, the JPU is only seeking feedback on whether the Focused Changes to the JCS are sound and robust when considered against the tests of soundness set out in national policy, namely that the changes are:

A: Positively prepared

B: Justified

C: Effective

D: Consistent with national policy

Further information on the Tests of Soundness is set out in the guidance note on making representations. Please read this before you complete your representation.

The consultation runs for 6 weeks from Monday 15th June until Monday 27th July 2015.

Representations should be made to the Joint Planning Unit by 5.00 p.m. on Monday 27th July, at the latest. These should be made using the representation form and should set out if and why in the light of the test of soundness, the Focused Changes need further modification.

Representations at this stage should relate only to the Focused Changes. It is not necessary to re-submit representations made on the Pre-Submission Plan as these will be provided to the Inspector appointed to carry out the examination.

The Focused Changes have been accompanied by an update to the Sustainability Appraisal which considers the social, environmental and economic effects of the Plan, the reasonable alternatives that have been considered in its development and its contribution towards delivering sustainability objectives. An addendum updating the Habitats Regulations Assessment has also been undertaken to consider the impact of the Focused Changes on the Upper Nene Valley Gravel Pits Special Protection Area (SPA).

Evidence Base

Extensive technical work has been completed to ensure that the JCS is based on robust evidence that justifies the choices made. The evidence base can be viewed via the following link

What happens next

Following this consultation, the JPU will submit the JCS and supporting evidence for examination by an Independent Inspector. The Inspector will be provided with copies of all representations on the Pre-Submission Plan and Focused Changes, together with a summary of the main issues raised. Please note that all representations will be made public.

For further information please contact the Joint Planning Unit on 01832 742358. The Statement of Representations Procedure provides further information, including where to view hard copies of the Focused Changes.


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