Biodiversity SPD Consultation Draft

The draft Biodiversity SPD has been drawn up by the Wildlife Trust. It builds on policies 5 (Green Infrastructure), 13 (General Sustainable Development Principles and 16 (Sustainable Urban Extensions) of the adopted Core Spatial Strategy. The SPD explains how biodiversity should be incorporated into the planning process to ensure that the requirements of legislation and policy are met. It provides a standardised approach to be followed for all planning applications and is to be used in conjunction with expert ecological assessment of the details of each specific case, through surveys and reports commissioned by applicants.
Due to its nature and content, the SPD is generally not likely to have a significant effect on European protected sites.
The draft SPD is being consulted on for 6 weeks from 8th October to 19th November. Following any changes through the consultation, the constituent authorities will then decide whether to adopt the documents. 
The JPU's preferred method of receiving responses is via the Limehouse consultation portal. Comments can be made via:
Every effort will be made to ensure this document is accessible to all. If you have any difficulties please contact the JPU on 01536 274974 or
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Date Published : 7th October 2010

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