Updated Draft Background Paper on Strategic Housing and Employment Sites - August 2013

Progress on the review of the North Northamptonshire Joint Core Strategy (JCS) has been delayed until the Secretary of State has decided whether a major retail and leisure development should go ahead at Rushden Lakes. The public inquiry into this development has taken place and the Secretary of State has advised that he will make his decision by the 30th January 2014.
The Joint Planning Unit is working with the partner councils to ensure that the JCS and other local plans can be progressed as quickly as possible after the Secretary of State’s decision. To assist this, the Joint Committee has agreed to carry out further non-statutory consultation on the potential strategic sites within the emerging plan, which are not dependent on the Rushden Lakes decision.
An updated Background Paper on Strategic Sites has been produced to explain how potential sites have been assessed, including the consideration of new sites and information put forward in response to the emerging JCS consultation in August 2012
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Date Published : 12th August 2013

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