Updated Background Paper on Strategic Housing and Employment Sites January 2015

The Pre-submission North Northamptonshire Joint Core Strategy (the Plan) allocates land of a strategic scale for housing and employment purposes in order to increase the certainty of the delivery of the strategic objectives of the Plan over the period from 2011 to 2031. Employment sites for the purpose of this study are those which will accommodate uses falling within the planning B use classes i.e. offices (B1), manufacturing (B2) and warehousing and distribution (B8). This Background Paper on Strategic Housing and Employment Sites (the Background Paper) describes the methodology used to identify and assess sites for possible inclusion in the Plan and the evidence and justification for the allocation or non-inclusion of sites.

It is essential that site allocation decisions can be justified and that they are supported by a clear audit trail. The assessment has been designed to take account of national planning policy; to provide a framework that enables sites to be compared against each other on a consistent basis; to be transparent so that the reader can see how a particular outcome has been arrived at; to ensure that development takes place in sustainable locations; to ensure that allocated sites will enhance the sustainability of existing settlements; and to enable very unsuitable sites to be filtered out early on in the process. The assessment forms a key component of the evidence base to underpin policies in the Plan for housing and economic development. 

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Date Published : 21st January 2015

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