North Northants Pilot Brownfield Register 2016


Through the Housing and Planning Act 2016 the Government has introduced a requirement for local planning authorities (LPAs) to publish and maintain registers of brownfield land suitable for housing development which need to be in place from April 2017.

To aid the development of these Registers, DCLG invited local authorities to apply to pilot a brownfield register and help shape and develop this policy area. Following a bid process overseen by the JPU, the local authorities of Corby, East Northamptonshire, Kettering and Wellingborough were selected as one of 73 pilot authorities nationally.

Local approach

Following advice provided by DCLG, and locally defined parameters developed by the NNJPU and partners, a Pilot Register for North Northamptonshire has been prepared. Nearly 200 sites were considered through this process, with these sifted through a Flow Chart developed to aid the identification of potential sites suitable for inclusion on the Register. Sites making the cut were then subject to assessment to determine whether local constraints existed which may hamper the future development of the site and the level of these.

In total, 29 sites have been identified on the Pilot Brownfield Register of which 15 already benefit from an extant planning permission (including development plan allocations). Each site is 0.25 hectares or above in size and considered suitable for future housing development. Site-specific data has been collated on each site following guidance set by DCLG with an online map available to help users gauge the location and extent of each entry (including those sites discounted through the assessment process).

To facilitate the development of brownfield land the Government intends that 90% of suitable brownfield sites will have planning permission by 2020, and the Brownfield Register is a route to this. However, for clarity, notwithstanding those sites with an extant permission, this Pilot Register  does not constitute a planning permission for housing at the current time.

Next steps

It is intended that the register will be a live document with periodic updates undertaken in due course. This will ensure that the contents within are as accurate and robust as can be. To aid this process, the NNJPU and partners invite comments from interested parties as required.

The Pilot Brownfield Register (and associated documentation) is available for viewing below.

In the event of queries, or if further information is required, please contact the NNJPU via the following:

Telephone: (01832) 742358


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Date Published : 26th September 2016

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